Let’s be honest here, for a long time Adele was a singer that is known for being on her own wave in matters of beauty and body image. While other singers and celebrities were super conscious about fitting the beauty standards Adele always seemed to be the one who wants to be beautiful in her own way and is successful in it. Thus a huge weight loss that happened not so long ago was huge news for her fans and people who even not so interested in pop culture. while the singer herself claims that this drastic change is due to the diet and some problems with the throat, some people clime that this is the result of full-body liposuction. Additionally, this situation made a lot of people look more closely into Adele’s beautiful face and renewed body shape in search of any other change that could be a result of plastic surgeries. And they found some…

Adele is a British singer and songwriter. She was quite popular in the UK from a young age but gained worldwide popularity after writing and singing a “Skyfall” for the same name James Bond movie. She was the first woman to have to albums in top five of the Billboard 200, gained several mentions in Guinness Book of World Record for the tremendous success of her album “21”. One of the reasons for such popularity is the wide range of her beautiful voice and exquisite timbre. Also, a big credit goes to her songwriting skills: meaningful and deep phrases in her song were highly evaluated by the critics. Overall, Adele is a famous young and talented singer, who recently “Glowed Up”. And about this amazing transformation…do you think it is all-natural or there are several plastic surgery miracles happened? Let’s take a closer look at the before and after photos, to make things clear!


Let’s start from the elephant in the room: Adele’s sudden and fast weight loss. There is no mystery in that the singer was trying to get skinnier for a long time and let’s be honest were quite successful in it. Using various diet plans and exercise she was losing weight slowly but steadily. If we look at her pictures from the first time on the Red Carpet year by year, we can definitely see the tendency of slimmer body shape which can be totally explained by natural methods. What made people suspect the involvement of plastic surgery is the last drastic weight loss. It happened all of the sudden and the change was so dramatic, that it is hard to assume that it was done just by the diet and workouts. Adele argues that along with the healthy lifestyle another reason for this makeover is that she had serious throat problems and had to get surgery to solve them and it along with the recovery made her lose weight so fast. But this only added more fuel to the plastic surgery rumors, as people started to say that during one anesthesia several surgical procedures can be done for example throat operation and liposuction.

Body Lift

This theory goes well with the one above. Moreover, they prove each other. So the thing is that when such a drastic weight loss happens naturally, especially due to the health problems as it allegedly was in Adele’s case, there is a high possibility of sagging or loose skin remaining after. Because the change was so fast and drastic, plus the body itself is weakened by the throat surgery and the recovery, thus the skin simply has no time and resources to tighten itself to fit the renewed body shape correctly. And the only solution, in that case, can be the body lift surgery, which conveniently can be done along with the liposuction. To simplify this theory it can be basically said, that if the reasons of Adele’s weight loss would be all-natural, there would be a lot of saggy skin as a side effect of it; otherwise, if it was achieved with the help of a talented plastic surgeon, the liposuction and the lifting could be performed together to create a slim body outline with tight skin. Looking at the “after” photos a lot of people saying that there are no signs of saggy skin are seen, thus…


Actually the rumors about Adele’s rhinoplasty were a thing a long time ago, but now they have awakened again along with “weight loss” story. So let’s take a close look at the reasons for such detailed attention to this singer’s nose! So apparently at some time nose tip all of the sadden became slimmer. And that was noticed very fast but her fans. And not only it changed its width, but it also changed its shape! Nothing drastic: it didn’t become twice smaller or completely different shape, but there was a subtle change for sure!. So because it didn’t affect the overall facial features a lot everybody quickly forgot about this story and moved on. But now it all poped ut again with the double force because people noticed that her nose changed again! Now it is the nose bridge that became slimmer! Both times the changes were subtle, but if the initial shape is compared with the current one, it is seen clearly that it transformed. People argue that it is due to the rhinoplasty, and if this is true, it means that Adele got a nose job at least two times!

Cleft Chin

There is also a rumor about notorious Adele’s cleft chin. It is said that she is using fillers to fill it up! Some people argue that it could be an implant, but most of the “Cleft Chin Theory” believers disagree with that due to the fact that sometimes the cleft is fully filled, and sometimes we still can see it a little, it can be due to the fact that fillers are slowly dissolving in the body and thus right after the injections the cleft is fully filled and after some time it is already not due to the dissolving properties. While the implant is made of unsolvable materials, thus gives long-lasting results and doesn’t change its shape during usage. Here is a before and after photo for you to compare the difference and decide for yourself if the change had a place.

There were other theories about Adele’s plastic surgeries, but we collected only those that actually have some fact base. What is your opinion about our UK beauty transformation?

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